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Oct '07 New Product Artwork

  • Charmane Koch - Garden Love - 2 closeup
    Our extraordinary Design Team has created the most stunning work using our new products.

Buzz and Bloom Product Designer - Lusi Austin

  • Lusi Austin - Mini Book - 31
    Here is some of Lusi's artwork.

Guest Album

  • Pippa Waddell - Things u say
    Click the "Contact" link to submit your artwork using Buzz and Bloom's products. Include your name and the name of the art piece.

Artwork from old Gallery [2003-2006]

  • "Waterfall card: 3" by Darbybear
    This album contains over 200 items!



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23 October 2007


Andi Sexton (RrlScrapGal)

Me????? Woah!!!!! I am so excited!!! **** Jumping up and down!! **** Can I say an acceptance speech??? OK, here it goes...
'I would like to thank the ever so fabulous Keri Brooks-LaClair, who is on the Buzz & Bloom Design Team for posting her beautiful work on her blog, which I just love, and for introducing me to the beautiful 'world' of Buzz and Bloom!! Keri, as you know, rocks! And, thank you so much to Buzz and Bloom! I can't wait! And, thank you to my friend Sandy Alnock, another stamping buddy, who saw the post before it did and left me a beautiful message that I saw at 5am!!!!
I can't wait to play! And, yes, I am a dork!!!

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