> Artwork from old Gallery [2003-2006]

This album contains over 200 items!

"Christmas 2005 Tag Swap" by Sue McGettigan
"Christmas Delight" layout by Janine Cobb
"Christmas Tags" by Rita McCourt
"Chrysanthemum Star Card" by pennydreadful3
"Circus Days" layout by Janine Cobb
"Cobyart" by Philippa Barr
"Cowboy Boots" card by Darbybear
"Cracked Glass" card by Angela Sargeant
"Da Vinci" ATC by Helene
"Dancing in the rain" layout by Janine Cobb
"Daniel" by Janine Cobb
"Domino Accent" by Sandy Wisneski
"Domino Book: cover tied" by Sue McGettigan
"Domino Book: front & back covers" by Sue McGettigan
"Domino Book: inside" by Sue McGettigan
"Domino Pin" by Sandy Wisneski
"Dotted Dog" Card by Kris Hankins
"Dream" ATC by Philippa Barr
"Dream" card by Janine Cobb
"F is for flower of my heart" ATC by Helene
"Fall" Layout by Keri Brooks-LaClair
"Family Man" Card by Sandy Wisneski
"Family Resemblance" Card by Sandy Wisneski
"Fashion Statement" by DarbyBear
"Father's Day Card" by Keri Brooks-LaClair
"Finn" Card by Devorah
"Five" layout by Janine Cobb
"Five: close-up of butterfly stamp" layout by Janine Cobb
"Fleur Vase" Tag by Kris Hankins
"Flower Portrait" by Patricia Jacoulot
"Fridge Magnet" by Philippa Barr
"Friend" Card by Keri Brooks-LaClair
"Frère Jacques" Tag by Helene
"G is for girl" ATC by Helene
"G is for girl" ATC by Helene
"Gambler Man" card by Melissa Huber
"Gardener's Gift" pot by Sue McGettigan
"Gift Card Holder" by Kris Hankins
"Gift Card Holder" by Kris Hankins
"Golden beaches" layout by Janine Cobb
"Graduation Card" by Kris Hankins
"Graduation Card" by Kris Hankins
"Grateful" Card by Keri Brooks-LaClair
"H is for Hera" ATC by Helene
"Halloween Gift Bag & Card" by Sue McGettigan
"Happy Birthday Helene!" ATC by Philippa Barr
"Happy Birthday Helene!" card by Sue McGettigan
"Happy Birthday Helene" card by Angela Sargeant
"Happy Birthday" ATC by Keri Brooks-LaClair
"Happy Spring" card by Sue McGettigan
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