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Alli Paterson

Alli Paterson

WA, Australia

I live in Perth Western Australia with my husband Michael Carroll, our two gorgeous sons, Alec 6 and Riley 4 and our 2 funny cats. I first discovered scrapbooking 5½ years ago when I saw my first scrapbook page, having no idea what it was but knowing I was going to be doing that too!!! From that moment I was hooked.

Scrapbooking is my hobby, it has been my job, my therapy and an important part of my social network, and now a part of our everyday life. Our family seems to be drawn to my studio, it is a great place to create. I have a background in web design and I feel this comes through in my scrapping style which I consider to be very linear and organised. I do try and strike out and leave the ruler in the draw occasionally.

My love of chipboard bought me to Buzz and Bloom, and from there I have been introduced to stamps, and from working on the design team I have tried different creative media that has pushed me past my limits and surprised me by now being included in my repertoire and things that have made me feel more complete in my creative endeavours.

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